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Three Ways To Purchase

There are a few ways we can assist you here at Green Source Auto Group LLC. Each way has it's advantages depending on your budget and needs

All of our vehicles will come with a Warranty that may be upgraded up to 4 yrs. Our vehicles also include Exclusive Vehicle Portfolios. This Portfolio is an exclusive portfolio pertaining to the vehicle you are purchasing from us. In the Portfolio you will get a history report of vehicle, value report taking into consideration condition (clean title with previous accident, rebuilt title, etc), 3rd party warranty options and information and before pictures of vehicle (if vehicle had previous damage, pictures before repairs). This Portfolio is a great way to verify the quality of your vehicle . We are the only used vehicle dealership using this method as a way of selling previous damage and or total loss vehicles.


These vehicles may have minor to moderate damage and sold as is. It will be your responsibility to rebuild the vehicle to good safe road conditions. Paperwork and title assistance will be given to you once vehicle has been rebuilt. This choice of purchase is good for customers who are looking for a project car and not in a hurry for a vehicle. This choice is good for a customer who may have mechanical and body work knowledge or who knows somebody who will assist with rebuilding the vehicle for them. This choice may also be for someone who is short of funds and interested in rebuilding their vehicle a bit at a time. Green Source Auto Group LLC may assist with parts purchasing as well.


We search through our extensive vehicle network and use our knowledge on damaged vehicles to help you obtain your vehicle of choice. We acquire your vehicle using our strong guidelines, and rebuild the vehicle for you at a set price. We assist you with paper work and title conversion and may also help with a warranty for your vehicle. We will also include an Exclusive Vehicle Portfolio.